Britney! Madonna! Kabbala!

Craaaazy for kabbalaTiff agrees with me so here’s the scoop. I will no longer post anything else about the whole kabbala celebrity thing. It’s overdone already. No more Britney Spears kabbala wedding – that story’s made it all the way to China, India and Australia – I don’t think there’s a single person in the entire world that doesn’t know about it. No more Madonna encouraging Britney to have a kabbala wedding – in fact no more Madonna / kabbala anything!

Dude. She's a 46 year old soccer mom!I don’t like their music, I am unimpressed with this Judasim Lite© thing, and I assure all you aspiring Jewish hipsters, there is NOTHING hip about either Madonna or Britney Spears. Go download some Le Tigre, Peaches , Princess Superstar or the Yeah Yeah Yeahs if you want to pretend to be hip.

I will however note with approval that Madonna is planning on celebrating Rosh Hashanah in Israel. I know, I know – how does a non-Jew celebrate Rosh Hashanah? However, going to Israel is always cool. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher may tag along as well. I hope they have a sweet visit! And no Punk’n anyone Ashton – Israelis won’t find that too funny I don’t think.

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