Dress British, think….

Huh?… stupid? What the hell does this BlogAd for New York / New Jersey law firm Coleman and Weinstein mean? “We’re smart-looking lawyers, and good ones as well… We do it smarter-faster-cheaper and make your business look good.” So the smarter-faster-cheaper part is where the Yiddish thinking comes in, and the dressing British part is what makes them look smart? Meaning the British aren’t actually smart, they just look it. And Yiddish speakers do things intelligently and inexpensively but they usually look like crap? And these are good things that you ought to look for when shopping for a lawyer? I just don’t get it.

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Founder of Jewlicious? Publisher? Man I hate titles. I coined the name Jewlicious and I slave over the site. I live in Jerusalem and I need to get some breakfast.
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