Interfaith Dialogue Rawks!

I love interfaith dialogue! It contradicts the commonly held notion that religion is close minded and makes you feel all mushy and warm inside. Recent examples of similar efforts to bridge religious divides include Jewish community assistance lent to an unfortunate Afghani child. There’s also the condemnation by the Canadian Jewish Congress of anti-Muslim graffiti sprayed in a multifaith prayer room at Ryerson University.

Definitely NOT JewliciousAnd don’t think it’s one sided either! CAIR (The Council on American-Islamic Relations – a DC based Islamic lobbying group) is certainly doing its part. They have their warm and fuzzy Hate Hurts America Campaign which “aims to fight against a “downward spiral of interfaith mistrust and hostility.” So far the campaign’s Web page only contains an article criticizing Jackie Mason’s impolitic opinions, but I’m sure there’ll be lot’s of cool stuff there soon.

So does CAIR now sit on its laurels? No! CAIR recently announced that

“in an effort to foster better cooperation between Muslims and Jews,” its Southern California chapter, along with several California mosques and branches of the Muslim Student Association, is sponsoring a speaking tour by “the renowned Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss, director of Neturei Karta. CAIR says its association with Weiss’ group will improve interfaith dialogue and “focus on ways for Muslims and Jews to cooperate, in order to challenge racism, injustice and those who attempt to divide us along religious lines.””

Sweet! For those of you that don’t know, the Neturei Karta are a radical, rabidly anti-Zionist, anti-Israel group of ultr- Orthodox Chassidic Jews. At their demonstrations they often fly Hamas and Islamic Jihad flags . Far from being a mere knee-jerk attempt at interfaith dialogue, these Neturei Karta guys unequivocally support suicide bombings against fellow Jews and believe that the Zionist state known as “Israel” is completely illegal. Can’t wait to hear these guys speak. Thanks CAIR! Thanks Neturei Karta!

I am also pretty sure there’s going to be loads of interfaith dialogue at the UN, especially in light of what happenned at a recent meeting between UN ambassadors from Arab and EU countries. At the meeting the Arab ambassadors, using blunt language that left the Europeans “shocked” and “depressed,” declared that they would do all they could to prevent an upcoming resolution condemning anti-Semitism from ever being voted on.

Feel the love yo!

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