Musa Arafat, a “low dwarf”

Yasser Arafat rescinded his appointment of his Nephew, Musa Arafat, as overall commander of Palestinian security forces in an attempt to head off what is starting to look like a civil war. “Mussa Arafat is considered one of the most corrupt officials in the Palestinian Administration” and there have been numerous clashes between gunmen loyal to him and Fatah forces opposed to his appointment. PA officials, including PM Ahmed Qurei, have been resigning or attempting to resign, in droves. Juma Ghali, commander of the Palestinian navy, and one of Yasser Arafat’s veteran associates, resigned his commission, calling Musa Arafat a “low dwarf.” In a not unusual development, Yasser Arafat blamed the whole mess on … Israeli Prime Minister Sharon.

I am shocked. Shocked!

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