Slow and Low, that is the Tempo

Slow and LowOne of the things that comes to mind when one thinks of Argentina is its national dance, the Tango. This slow, sensual and graceful dance originated in the barrios of Buenos Aries and, other than beef, is Argentina’s greatest export. But there’s slow, and then there’s slow…

July 18th marked the 10th anniversary of the deadly bombing at a Jewish community center in Argentina that injured 300 and killed 85. To date no one has been prosecuted for this crime and Argentina has been unable to bring to justice the Iranian government officials who were allegedly the organizers of the attack.

It is claimed by an Iranian defector that former president of Argentina Carlos Menem received a $10 million bribe from Iran to drop the matter. Menem, in self-imposed exile in Chile, refuses to cooperate. Britain is also refusing to allow the extradition of the former Iranian Ambassador to Argentina who was indicted there last year and Switzerland is uncooperative in the investigation into the attackers’ funding. Finally, the trial of local individuals who aided the attackers is set to collapse due to unusual delays, irregularities and corruption.

Tango anyone?

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