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No offense to anyone or anything, but Arabs have made some pretty ludicrous claims in the past. We’ve heard everything from claims that Mossad agents called Jews who worked at the Twin Towers and told them to stay home on 9/11, to routinely blaming everything on Jews, all the way to the recent allegation that President George Bush is a Jew. These ridiculous claims have often made us shake our heads with incredulity or react in awe at how anyone could come up with such spectacular crap.

Claims made on a recent Palestine Authority TV program seem to have topped everything however.

The Jewish people have no connection to Israel, the Hebrews of the Old Testament were actually Arabs, the prophets in the Bible were Muslim, Solomon’s Temple was not built by Israelites but by Arab Canaanites, and the entire Bible is an invention of the Jews, according to a recent educational program aired on Palestinian Authority TV, a translation of which was obtained by WorldNetDaily.

Two senior PA historians, Dr. Jarir Al-Qidwa, head of the PA public library and Arafat’s advisor on education, and Dr. Issam Sissalem, senior historian and former head of history at PA University, were guests on the featured program and described in detail their assertion that Jewish history is part of a Zionist conspiracy. Both said any Jewish connection to Israel is actually a Muslim connection, even though Islam wasn’t founded at the time of the biblical Hebrews.

So what… does that mean that I am actually an Arab Muslim? Holy cow – I have lots of work to do then. Uh… gotta register www.arablicious.com, think of irreverent, Muslim-related stories, change my name. Oy. So much to do! Oh… scratch the oy…

Shabbat Salaam Aleikoum!

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