Israeli Booty on the Rise?

Gettin it on, more and more!Hurray! “Israeli Jewish Birthrates On the Rise,” reports Arutz Sheva, citing an Israel Ministry of Health report. There were 3.4% more babies born in Israel in 2003 then there were in 2002 – a fact that goes against previous demographic predictions. Along with this increased birthrate is a corresponding decrease in infant mortality rates.

More Israeli babies is great news because babies cost less than whiny olim. You don’t have to throw a big party and have the Prime Minister show up, you don’t have to bribe them with expensive incentives (usually a simple pacifier and some food does the trick) and they seem to develop a working knowledge of the language quickly without recourse to classes and ulpanim. Also, the more babies are born the less I feel bad about not making aliyah….

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