Police: Suspected arsonist of Paris Jewish center is Jewish

I am so embarassed. Turns out the guy that scrawled swastikas onto the walls of the Jewish soup kitchen / community center and then set it on fire, may have been Jewish. Haaretz reports that a community center employee has been arrested. Police claim he may have done it because he heard he was about to be fired. The BBC reports that the man worked as a guard at the center and that he was “more or less homeless” and “mentally unstable”, according to the Police.

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  1. Neocon

    8/30/2004 at 5:24 pm

    Wow, this gives me flashes of the movie “The Believer”

    We’ve all known for a while that being Jewish does not eliminate this sort of behavior. No need to be embarassed if he was mentally disturbed…but I agree this may give fodder to those who think *all* of these events are made up.

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