The Underwear Bomber

jihad in my pantsAt the Erez crossing in Gaza this morning a man was stopped while trying to enter Israel with explosives stitched into his underwear, the thought being that the area would not be searched.

Could this start a new fashion craze?
The latest in Jihad action wear–explosive undies! That’s right, be the first on your block to own a pair! Start an explosion in your pants! Available now!

No word yet on whether its proper detonation would effect relations with the 72 virgins.


  1. ck

    8/31/2004 at 3:53 pm

    This might seem a little tasteless after the bombings in Be’er Sheva. However, as the time stamp shows, this was psoted way before the Be’er Sheva attack. In any case no disrespect was intended – certainly not by laya. I’m usually the one who is rude. What’s noteworthy is that I called laya from Montreal and told her about the bombing before she found out about it in Jerusalem.

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