Two buses blown up in Be’er Sheva

Initial reports mention at least 12 16 killed and 30 91 wounded. The last fatal suicide bombing in Israel occured on March 15 and killed 11 people in Ashdod. More details at Haaretz and Jerusalem Post.

Security officials told Israel Radio that the attack probably emanated from the south Hebron area, where there is no security fence. Officials suspect the Hamas behind the attack, and especially Ibrahim Hamed, a relative of Hamas leader Khaled Mashal, was behind the attack, Channel 2 reported.

Hamas and its Iz a Din al-Kassam Brigades claimed responsibility in a leaflet found in Hebron. Part of the message stated:

“This is a gift to the newcomers who arrived recently to our land,” it added in a reference to recent wave of Jewish immigration to Israel. “We say to you: ‘This is your fate, so wait.'”

Oy. Finish that damned fence already.

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