Are you a hot guy in New York? Wanna get married soon?

Someone marry Blaire, please!!Will Someone Marry Blaire, please?

Blaire, of MarryBlaire.com fame seems to have given up on her quest to get engaged by December 2004. After having gone through a staggering round of dates and with her self-imposed deadline rapidly approaching, she notes on her blog that:

Let me explain. Since I was young I’ve always felt that I would meet an amazing man, get married, and have a family. Although I felt this, there was always a rushing – a wanting to get started with that part of my life NOW. I realize that rushing feeling was fear and me not really having faith/trusting.

Now, I don’t feel that rush. I trust more. I feel more grounded. More certain. More cared for, more guided – more faith that I know its coming. Rather than my past rushed feelings – I now feel a very soothing, calming feeling. A feeling that I really don’t need to do anything – but be myself, do whatever activities I enjoy doing and that he’ll come. I know it’ll be soon and I know its my job to keep trusting and connecting with my center that knows this truth.

Sounds like she’s throwing in the towel, huh? But wait… a glimmer of hope appears as she notes that:

So I decided I’m going to go out to a single’s [sic] event tonight. Yippee. 😉 (joking!) I wasn’t feeling like it for a few weeks, but it’s Hanukkah related and I feel like doing something to celebrate the holiday. Who knows if I’ll meet someone tonight – – honestly, I’m not sure if I care…

Being the intrepid researcher that I am, and always happy to encourage Jews hooking up with Jews, I determined that the only Jewish singles party happening in New York tonight is the Chanukah party at the Manhattan Jewish Experience on West 86th street (in association with Jewish International Connection NY. Here are all the relevant details:

Chanukah Party: Mon 12/13, 8 pm. Come join hundreds of young Jewish Professinals [sic] in their 20’s and 30’s to celebrate the holiday of lights with live music and mingling, candle lighting, and refreshments. Co-sponsored with J.I.C. . 131 West 86 Street, between Amsterdam and Columbus, Manhattan, 212-787-9533, $15adv/$20door, 20s-30s, Jewish, Manhattan Jewish Experience

I’ve also included a fun photo of Blaire should you decide to go to the party and stalk meet her. Just tell her Jewlicious sent you! And remember, brush your teeth and be charming – make Blaire’s dream come true!

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