Happy Purim

Esther becomes Queen
“I name thee, Queen Esther!”
“Psst. Don’t tell anyone but we’re all Christians!”

Well, it’s not Purim yet. Right now it’s the Fast of Esther and I’m grumpy. But someone’s gotta post and I figure I’ll do it now because tonight it’s megillah reading time and then some food followed by fun-time party action. For those of you who don’t know, Purim is kinda like St. Patrick’s Day (Now you’re talkin!) minus the Irish, and the Saints, and the green and pretty much everything else except for the drinking, with this Jewishy story added in. But other than that, they’re totally the same. So maybe what you want to do is take a look at this cutesy Flash movie made in the Purim spirit (Thanks Janice). When it’s over, you can click on the link to find out more about Purim and why it is that I am not eating now.

One of the things people do on Purim is compose a Purim spiel – a humorous story – that’s told to those assembled. It’s meant to be humorous and in good fun, but sometimes people go a little over the top.

So go out tonight, listen to the Megillah and party hearty. Or do nothing and wait for the Purim-based Major Motion Picture starring, amongst others, Peter O’Toole and Omar Shariff – reunited again for the first time since Lawrence of Arabia. Yes I know! I thought those guys were dead too! Anyhow, I’m sure they won’t butcher the beautiful, deep and mystical nature of the Purim story in the interests of making a more marketable film, so once it comes out, you can get the whole scoop on this Purim thing, I’m sure. Except that it’s apparently produced by uh… fundamentalist Christians Mormons.

Tip of the cap to Chazarmaveth. That’s right. Sounds like the Pig of Death but in Hebrew is actually returned death. Whatever. Maybe it’s Yiddish. Dude’s funny and twisted. Hangs out in Park Slope and hates boy bands. What better indicia of cool is there?

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