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Just got into Long BeachYup. We’re (mostly) here in lovely Long Beach, California. The weather is great and the people here are super fantastic! Rabbi Bookstein, his Wife Rachel, their kids and the Long Beach Hillel members have been fantastic! We visited the Long Beach Hillel offices, the impressively appointed JCC where the conference is going to take place and thi shop with the most remarkable collection of chrome rims I have ever seen. People in So.Cal. sure do love their cars! Laya and I got in Wed. morning and newly minted Jewlicious member Esther is coming in at some point today. We’ll keep you up to date as things progress… so far it looks like its going to be great fun for everyone. Jews here are not like they are on the east coast, that’s for sure. But more on that later I suppose.

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Founder of Jewlicious? Publisher? Man I hate titles. I coined the name Jewlicious and I slave over the site. I live in Jerusalem and I need to get some breakfast.
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  1. Esther

    4/7/2005 at 9:44 am

    Newly-minted Jewlicious Esther is in the airport in NY awaiting the boarding of a lovely JetBlue airliner…she does love free WiFi access…She’s not sure how she’s getting from the airport to the hotel, especially since her cell phone’s not fully charged yet, but I’m sure she’ll just bare a leg in traffic and someone will stop and give her a ride. (Third person? Has Esther been possessed by the spirit of Muffti?)

    See you super fantastic people soon…

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