The Peace Process is a Circus

Literally. One of the latest attempts to show how Israelis and Arabs can get along is the Galilee Circus, a troupe of children between the ages of eight and fifteen and hailing from Jewish and Arab families.

As they go through their routines, it’s hard to distinguish the Jewish performers from the Arab ones. Dressed in their colorful circus costumes, they are a unified group of performers taking part in universally loved activities.

According to the article, these activities include “juggling, tumbling, spinning plates, balancing on stilts, and zooming around on unicycles,” all of which, I believe, were on the agenda for the Wye River Accords, as well.

For many present, this is more than just a circus show; it’s a live demonstration of multicultural cooperation and togetherness. That’s what the Galilee Circus is all about – promoting interaction between the local Jewish and Arab communities. Formed in December 2003, the circus is the brainchild of The Galilee Foundation for Value Education – Shorashim, a non-profit organization which focuses on fostering intergroup understanding. (Israel21C)

The peace process is already a three-ring circus with the precariousness of the high wire act; where politicians may fail, send in the clowns.

Esther Kustanowitz

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