Anarchy In The PA (Palestine Authority)

Oy! Oy! Oy!I was just, you know, thinking about stuff. Like all the lawlessness and anarchy going on down in Gaza lately. We have Kassam rockets flying willy nilly, otherwise kindly foreigners getting kidnapped, including the attempted kidnapping of Saint Rachel Corrie’s parents, the Police leading loud demonstrations and taking over the Raffah border crossing in protest against the growing lawlessness that they are supposed to prevent, etc. etc. Israeli editorials have opined that this lawlessness is happenning by design – that given the likelihood of a Hamas victory in the upcoming elections, Fatah and the Palestine Authority wish to scuttle the elections and use the widespread anarchy that they have created in order to justify this.

Reuters: Gunmen shoot at Palestinian minister’s home
Washington Times: More Anarcho Terror in Gaza
Globe and Mail: ‘This is the way to hell,’ Palestinian warns

So with all this anarchy stuff going on, I gotta ask – why aren’t there any good Palestinian punk bands??

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