New Years Fun and Fashion

It doesn’t have to be tedious and sombre!

Target brand Fashionista, notorious breast groper and all-out enfant terrible Isaac Mizrahi shares his fashion tips for this upcoming holiday season with The Jewish Daily Forward. Amongst his “do’s and dont’s” are the following:

DO go over the top. Synagogue attendance gives one the opportunity to dress fabulously during the day.
DON’T wear a slutty evening dress to shul.
DO wear fur trim on Rosh Hashanah
DON’T wear fur trim or leather on Yom Kippur
DO wear satin Prada platform clogs, or velvet clogs from Marc Jacobs with socks on Yom Kippur
DON’T wear thigh-high Yves Saint Laurent boots on Rosh Hashanah

He also suggests you avoid day-glo pink as well as frills and décolletage. That’s great advice Mr. Mizrahi! Might I also suggest not groping the breasts of Jewesses this holiday season? That’s not fashion advice per se, but it’s darn good advice anyway. Especially during services.

In other Rosh Hashana news, birthright israel has released a uh… whacky video e-card. The video was animated by DanMeth.com and it looks uh… meth fuelled indeed. Is it just me or does that Rabbi look like something Shabot would draw? And finally, as long as we’re talking about birthright israel, our Jewlicious free trip to Israel now has close to 100 people registered to go this winter! That’s craaaazy! All that in 2 days! We rule, woohoo! Now Momo of Oranim and Gidi of birthright israel are going to have to give us 2 buses instead of one! Oh joy.

Anyways, shabat shalom y’all!

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  1. Nakia

    9/15/2006 at 9:24 pm

    Ooh, I think I will steal this idea, and write about Ramadan fashion do’s and don’ts.

  2. Chutzpah

    9/15/2006 at 9:51 pm

    Praying this is the year I can afford some Gucci thigh-highs and if it is I promise not to where them to shul next year!

    A happy, healthy one to all of us!!!

  3. esther

    9/17/2006 at 9:19 am

    Yasher koah on the buses. That’s awesome news…let’s see if half of them are still asking, “So, what’s a blog?” at day 5…

  4. Penny

    9/21/2006 at 7:05 am

    My other tip- don’t wear Isaac Mizrahi shoes to shul, I’ve never seen anything of his with less than a 3 inch heel!!

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