palestine_is_for_lovers.jpg…starting with a strong belief that the Jews control everything. Carter has blamed trouble getting onto college campuses with his new book Palestine Is For Lovers, on Jewish influence. That is the same thing that got Judith Regan fired from NewsCorps, according to some good sources at the Daily News, Regan was fired for, “after she ranted that a “Jewish cabal” was “conspiring” to smear her in the media and ruin her career, a spokesman for her former employer claimed on Monday. The news has hit everywhere, especially among publishers in Russia who were looking forward to the OJ book, before letting the KGB publish, If We Had Killed Alexander Litvinenko.

I know zilch about Regan and her tabloidification of publishing, but it seemed not out of line with the rest of what passed for reading materials. But that she and Carter should both be victims of the same cabal, albeit different divisions! Ghastly Horror!

Of course there were many Jewish connections with Regan’s doomed OJ Book— Ron Goldman was murdered along with Nichole Simpson, OJ had a fancy Jewish attorney (lest we forget). And OJ owes Ron Goldman’s family 33 million after loosing the civil suit.

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  • Was this ever a misleading title, though I know that Ronald’s name is spelled with an “A”.

    I understand that Regan’s publishing works is supposed to release a book authored by Jean Kirkpatrick soon, may she RIP.

  • I think Palestine is for Lovers should be the next Jewlicious shirt. Perhaps with the Occupied Territories as the map…You know just like the Virgina shirt.

    Oh it would be so hot on College Campuses.

  • I doubt very much that Regan actually said something about a Jewish cabal. The information was leaked by News Corp. which had a strong interest in firing Regan for cause, probably with intent to deny her some hard-earned bonuses.

    I’m not a defender of this woman and couldn’t care less about her. From what I’ve read, along with her unsavory books, she also published some serious books. However, in this instance, there’s a good chance that a large public company is using an accusation of anti-Semitism to publicly smear and possibly profit from the removal of an employee. If this is the case, this would be an extraordinarily cynical ploy and one that we should refrain from supporting in any way.

  • I agree with The Middle. Would the woman actually say that? Probably not; someone in her position is probably all too aware of how easily every word out of her mouth can be spread around the world in minutes.

    It really irritates me that people are getting bent out of shape about this Carter book. There will ALWAYS be people who say negative things about Israel and there will ALWAYS be people who listen to them. Plus… he’s Jimmy Carter. Since when does he say anything worth listening to? I say, let the Israel debate continue. There isn’t anything that anyone can do to stop it.

  • RJG, this is a former President of the USA. People listen to him and he has a large public platform. Even if many people have tried to marginalize him as an ineffective President, the fact is that he led this country for 4 years and remains the sole leader this country has ever had – or any leader ever – to have brokered a peace agreement between an Arab state and Israel. His book is meaningful for that reason alone. However, add to that his false use of the term “apartheid” and some of the false information he provides that lays the blame for the conflict and the state of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians in the hands of Israel and it becomes important to speak out against the content of the book and Mr. Carter’s intentions.

  • themiddle said:

    I doubt very much that Regan actually said something about a Jewish cabal. The information was leaked by News Corp. which had a strong interest in firing Regan for cause, probably with intent to deny her some hard-earned bonuses.

    Then this would be a conspiracy on the part of HarperCollins attorney Mark Jackson, who is the one that took the notes.

    So is this attorney so dumb as to remain silent as to false reports of the notes he’s alleged to have taken or is he paid handsomely enough to keep his mouth shut no matter what people say about him, whether true or false.

    I don’t think so.

    Book her, Danno.

  • Shy Guy, my guess is that it is very helpful to News Corp. to have Regan outed as an anti-Semite. Face it, it’s a little too convenient and timely that she should suddenly have this bigoted breakdown right after the Simpson book embarrasses the head office as well as her boss who has had some antipathy towards her for a while.

    I can’t say it with 100% certainty, because anybody can say anything, but it’s not as if News Corp. is this shining beacon of integrity in their reporting, for heaven’s sake. They run Fox and have seem to have no shame about manipulating news coverage to suit the boss’s latest views. Why would this be any different?

    As for Mr. Jackson, why would he have reason to believe he’d be doubted? And yes, being a highly paid attorney might have made him “hear” things that his client, Ms. Friedman from News Corp., may have preferred that he “hear.” Now that would be a Jewish cabal (Jackson is apparently an MOT).

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