Loving the Jews

ltj.jpgOf late it seems everyone wants us. The Vatican is back to its old shenanigans and Jews are all upset about a prayer that goes as follows:

We pray for the Jews. That our God and Lord enlighten their hearts so that they recognise Jesus Christ, the Saviour of all mankind. Let us pray. Kneel down. Arise.

Shoot. Even the Unitarians are getting in on the act. Yeah. Well, the fact is I’m not really worried about the Catholics and even less worried about the Unitarians. They are members of another religion. Of course they’re going to think that their religion is better. Heck have you seen some of the stuff in our liturgy? Hmmm… like on Passover when we ask god to “Pour out Your wrath upon the nations who do not know You.” That’s not remotely warm and fuzzy. While I am certain that more Liberal branches of Judaism have expunged that from their more hippie friendly Seders, it’s still there for many Jews. Religion is just not meant to be warm and fuzzy and if the Catholics want to beg their “God” in order to get Jews to be into Jesus, well I’m all “bring it on bitches.” I mean shoot, we can barely get Jews to practice their own religion, how are a bunch of pansy looking old men in Italy going to be successful?

But what is more worrisome is the love we’re getting from Shiksas non-Jewish women. I was recently interviewed by Amber Sutherland for an article in Radar about bagging a Hebrew Hottie

…Jewish men are expected to be educated, financially savvy, morally sound people. Why not exploit that stereotype for personal gain? Any single shiksa with her eyes on the prize will tell you that new Jew stock is rising and Jewish husbands are looking more attractive than ever.

I agreed to help Amber find “this year’s hot new accessory: a Jewish husband.” I did this because the guy Amber was looking for did not have to be Jewish and the whole mission was kind of, well, lame. In fact, Amber (who is in fact very wise) concluded by stating:

…refusing potential love outright based on antiquated familial demands is almost as ridiculous as engaging a stealthy operation to win it in the first place.

If you are Jewish and refuse the entreaties of a Mosaically challenged significant other, it ought to be based on something substantial – a Judaism that is relevant, resonant and meaningful and that manifests itself in one’s life on a daily basis. Anything else would be tribal, narrow minded, ignorant and, you know, stupid. The organized Jewish community shouldn’t focus on mere booty bumping opportunities for young Jews. The focus ought to be on Jewish literacy, education and substantial stuff. It’s not as sexy or as easy but that would solve all our problems, no?

Well, maybe. While Jezebel kvetches that Jewish women don’t get any pop culture love (Huh? Jewish women are hotter than ever!), Marc Gellman in Newsweek moans that “America is loving her Jews to death.” He makes some valid points, and some less than valid points, but his article does present a challenging question doesn’t it? It seems that the more we become accepted by American society, the less of us there are. Hmmm. So now what?

Oh. And happy Valentines Day!

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