Roasting Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

mahmoudMy schtick around here typically centers around Jewish books. But when I saw this article in the Onion, I couldn’t resist venturing away from my usual confines in order to bring to you the latest comical hijinks aimed at everyone’s favorite anti-Semite, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Even Israeli president Shimon Peres got in on the action. Here’s more from the Onion:

But a surprise visit from Israeli president Shimon Peres may have been the most popular act of the evening.

“On the way here tonight, someone told me that Mahmoud was a Shi’a,” said Peres, placing one hand on Ahmadinejad’s shoulder. “At first I thought they were saying ‘He’s a shit,’ because the two sound so similar. But there’s a big difference: One’s a brown, foul-smelling tube of solid waste—and the other comes out of my asshole.”

Peres then addressed Ahmadinejad’s well-known denial of the Holocaust and his recent statements that Israel and all Jewish people should be “wiped off the map.” Taking a long pull from his cigar and adjusting his shirt cuffs, Peres concluded that, in all likelihood, the president of Iran has fucked more Jews than Sarah Silverman.


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