Send in the Jews?

TMZ recently reported about this season’s must have accessory amongst the Hollywood Glitteratti – a security team made up of former members of the Israel Defense Forces. The video ironically notes how a people known more for their acumen as lawyers, accountants and Hollywood execs, jobs not usually associated with physical prowess, are now moving into a field dominated by tough guys. The report features an appearance by Woody Allen playing the old-skool whimpy Jew, and Aaron Cohen of IMS Security as the strapping former Israeli warrior who protects the likes of Paris Hilton and serving subpoenas on behalf of Britney Spears’ ex himbo, Kevin Federline.

OK. It must have been a slow news day over at TMZ, and the story is kind of blah, but what is really remarkable about this vid are the hateful comments it has inspired. Apparently people think the term “Jews” is racist and/or derogatory. As a guy who runs a Web site called Jewlicious, I can’t help but find that funny. I mean, racist? Judaism is not a race! And I am in fact a Jew – what’s so derogatory about that? What was the story supposed to be called? Send in the People of the Mosaic Persuasion? Sheesh… relax people!

Oh and the Aaron Cohen featured in this story should not be confused with Aaron Cohen, the award-winning (he has a girlfriend too!), badass anti-slavery activist and former Jewlicious Festival presenter.

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