Yarkon River – Night

Tel Aviv Night - Yarkon

Tel Aviv Night

Okay folks, I’ll take time off tomorrow cuz it’s the Sabbath, but I’m just warning you that it’s time to finish the taxes.

This past week it was reported that 20 Hizbullah men have died in training in Iran. The issue is not whether they’re going to heaven as martyrs, but that Iran is continually training their proxy armies, Hizbullah and Hamas. We can presume they’re also arming them and the intentions are not defensive. Syria is also making worrisome moves with their military and Israel is doing national scale drills for its army and even to some degree its population. Hamas is attacking Gaza entry points and training its army for an upcoming conflict where they will utilize Hizbullah tactics with training provided in Iran by Iranian and Hizbullah experts.

Everybody needs to take a step back and take a deep breath. All these itchy trigger fingers might lead to a war and despite all the fine military equipment gathering dust and rust, it’s better to avoid another conflagration, now and later.

Oh, and Jimmy Carter is heading over to give legitimacy to the guy who heads Hamas. He’s going to “talk” to him, presumably about how to write a book about Israel with the word “apartheid” in the title. Mashaal, a man who leads an absolutist Islamic terror group, must be laughing his head off.

At least in Tel Aviv this shabbat, the women will be heading over to their Pilates classes, the men to the sushi bars and the Yarkon will keep flowing, a little cleaner than last year and improving slowly but surely. If you’re there, go for a walk…

Okay, okay, I exaggerate. Some people will be heading over to synagogue. They can also walk by the Yarkon…

Shabbat shalom!

(beautiful Yarkon photo by David Ferdman)


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