Must Have Those Fair Trade, Union made, Sweat Shop Free, Palestinian Produced, Organic Cotton T-Shirts!

Peace Through Superior T-ShirtsHelen Jupiter over at Jewcy is positively gushing about Jewish owned No Sweat Apparel‘s made in Palestine line of t-shirts, and what can I say? Her enthusiasm is positively infectious!

Adam Neiman, the CEO of No Sweat Apparel began his venture 2 years ago. According to Jewcy, the company’s intent was “to make a big difference in the Middle East.” Jupiter urges Jewcy readers to vote for No Sweat in a contest that can award the company $10,000 which it will use “to purchase another container of t-shirts from Bethlehem so our burgeoning network of high school distributors have a competitively priced product to sell to camps this summer & schools in the fall.” In a second post, Jupiter declared that these made in Bethlehem, Palestine t-shirts are “must have” items. I am particularly enamored of the Vision in Action shirt, available in both women’s and unisex styles and featuring a Hamsa or Eye of Fatima design:

There’s only one symbol in the holy land that’s embraced by Jews, Christians & Muslims & this is it, the eye of Fatima (or Miriam), encircled by a Japanese proverb that fits the moment to a T. Fatima was Mohammed’s daughter, Miriam, Moses’ sister. It is said that the symbol actually represents the hidden female aspect of the deity and is used as a talisman to ward off the evil eye. For us the placement of the eye in the hand implies vision in action – what we strive to provide every day.

There are a number of other designs available with some of the proceeds going to various charitable projects. I know I’ll feel awesome wearing these hip t-shirts knowing that they are Jewcy approved and that I am supporting peace and helping the Palestinian economy by providing employment to seamstresses in Bethlehem who get paid about $1 an hour.

Working hard!

These are the happy, hardworking, peace loving seamstresses at the Arja Textile Factory in Bethlehem, Palestine – the beneficiaries of a union they uhm… didn’t elect, as well as Adam Neiman’s vision of a peaceful, economically stable Palestine and Helen Jupiter’s admiration. Maybe one of them will use the bulk of her weekly income to send Adam and Helen a No Sweat t-shirt in gratitude (It’s ok. At $18-$20 a pop, with her $48 weekly salary she’ll have enough money left over for a coke and a felafel, maybe even a knafeh!). Here’s one Israeli who is wishing them, and all of us, the very best of luck in a new, prosperous, stable and peaceful Middle East. You have got to love that, making friends in Palestine, one $1 an hour job at a time.

Photo source Joe Freedom.

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