Tevel b’Tzedek program in Nepal

Have tons of idealism and want to help Nepal inch its way from a monarchy with a marxist rebellion, to a stable democracy? Well seriously, here is the coolest Jewish social justice program this year:

Tevel b’Tzedek
(The world –in justice)
An Israeli-based Non Governmental Organization
for Social and Environmental Justice

Is seeking candidates for a 4-month program in Kathmandu Nepal, during which participants will intern with local human rights, social justice or environmental organizations.

In addition to the volunteer internships, the program will include:

* Study of globalization and its affect on developing countries.
* Study of Nepalese language and culture
* Study of Jewish sources and traditions on social, economic and environmental justice, from the prophets until contemporary thinkers, and a discussion of our place as Jews and Israelis in the struggle for better world.

Interns will be placed In organizations / projects according to their interests and skills.

The fourth cohort will begin September 1st
For an application form or more information: TevelbTzedek@gmail.com

tip: Lisa Klug of “Cool Jew”


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