Haaretz’s Rosner Rips JStreet a New One

Latest Jstreet Survey called laughable
You know Jstreet right? It’s an organization created recently as an alternative to AIPAC, their raison d’etre being that they better represent core American Jewish values vis-a-vis Israel than the increasingly hawkish AIPAC. They recently released the results of a survey that they claim demonstrate that “American Jews … want peace, readily support American pressure, and believe that Middle East peace is “a core American interest”” – however, after going through the actual results in a recent article, Haaretz US correspondent Shmuel Rosner found that the actual results don’t jibe with JStreet’s conclusions and that the survey itself suffered from some laughable flaws:

The way this poll was conducted is quite bizarre. I called poll-masters that I trust and read for them some of the questions. It made them laugh. Take this one for example, and imagine the email signaling that someone wants to ask you a question: Do you agree to this very, very, very long statement?

“I am ‘pro-Israel,’ and believe that America must consistently support our trusted ally Israel. Part of that support should be helping to promote serious efforts to advance Israeli-Palestinian peace because ending the conflict is vital to Israel’s future and security. I disagree with American politicians who make statements, such as demanding we move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, that sound supportive of Israel and make vocal activists happy, yet really undermine both peace efforts and America’s role as a mediator. I will always work to maintain the special relationship between the U.S. and Israel, and I support policies that help Israel achieve an enduring peace.”

Chances are that you:

A. Stopped reading somewhere in the middle and just wrote yes.
B. Stopped reading somewhere in the middle, regained consciousness at the end, read the final sentence (“I support policies that help Israel achieve an enduring peace”), then wrote yes. Of course you support Israel, duh!

In short, this seems like a good way to ask a question if you want 71 percent to respond yes. Look at all the very long statements in this poll and see for yourself. With barely one exception, the longer the statement, the better the chances that people say yes.

And of course Jstreet makes no mention of the fact that it’s own survey shows that a majority of American Jews support the indivisibility of Jerusalem. Read Rosner’s article here. It’s kinda fun!

But, ya know, JStreet is young. And not particularly well-funded. That combination means that while you can slap together a pretty Web site, you still don’t get the best and the brightest working for you. I’m sure that in due time, when the vast majority of the American Jewish public wake up and realize that negotiating with Hamas is a good idea and that JStreet actually really does represent their core values, the money will start to flow in torrentially! And smart people will want to work for them. And then we will indeed finally have “peace in our time!” Yay JStreet!

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