Color My Jews Brad

What is it about Hollywood?

They think they haven’t cast a good Jewish male since non-tribe members Charlton Heston played Moses (The 10 C’s) and Paul Newman played Ari ben Canaan (Exodus). Maybe it is the psyche of producers and directors in Hollywood who look in mirrors and see blue-eyed idols staring back?

Who did we get to feast on this Summer on the big screens? There was Adam Sandler, who put on sabra-face to play Dvir Zohan in “Don’t Mess With The Zohan;” we have James Franco as an insane drug dealer named Saul Silver in “Pineapple Express;” and we had Nickelodeon star, Josh Peck, as the horny, drug-dealing virgin, Luke Shapiro, in The Wackness (a Sundance favorite). Not the best role models for the tribe.

Hawaiian Franco

Aloha Franco

Pecker Wacked

Wacked Pecker

Sandler plays Sabra

Sandler as Sabra

But wait. Be still my heart. Do not lose hope, my Jewlicious friends. Hollywood might come through with a strong Jewish male lead. Quentin Tarantino will remake of ”The Inglorious Bastards.” And word is that Brad Pitt, the husband of that actress who used the French Jewish OB/GYN last month, might play that hillbilly Lieutenant, Aldo Raine, who organizes a team of Jewish American soldiers to avenge victims of the Holocaust. Actor Eli Roth, a specimen of the new virile Jewish American male (the Elliot Gould for a new generation) is said to be playing Sgt. Donnie Donowitz. Something to look forward to as Hollywood remakes the image of the American Jew?

Eli Roth to play Jewish avenger?

Eli Roth to play Jewish avenger?


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