McCain vs. Obama: What Do Israelis Think?

Who cares what they think? It’s a US election! But if you do care, indications are that the same sort of generational/ideological split that is happening in the US vis-a-vis the Presidential elections is reflected in Israelis’ preferences as well. Older Israelis seem to prefer McCain as do those that tend to be hawkish. Younger Israelis, perhaps influenced by Obama’s hip hop inflected YouTube music videos prefer the Senator from Illinois. But as this photo clearly demonstrates – the streets have spoken and the presumption here is that despite McCain’s recent post convention surge, Barack Obama is going to be the next President of the United States. Why? Because Shooky, the owner of Mifgash Obama, a felafel and shwarma joint near the beach and Hayarkon street in Tel Aviv just spent all kinds of shekels putting up a sign on his restaurant, that’s why. In Israel there is no Mifgash John Kerry. There is no Misa’dat Al Gore. There is no Rechov Walter Mondale. If we honor an American politician by naming something for him, it’s because he’s the boss. The President. Not a failed Presidential candidate. Well, at least Shooky hopes so.

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