Schleppin’ To Florida for the Days of Awe(some)

Do you remember when Jerry Seinfeld would schlep to Florida to see his television parents at their retirement community and go for early bird special dinners at 4PM ? Maybe if he had married and had a family of some teenage or college aged kids (and not just dated a teenager at that time), they would have schlepped down to the Sunshine State and let their grandparents shep some nachas.

Jerry’s character had no kids. But a Jewish American PAC has come up with an interesting idea which gets grandkids to visit their grandparents in Florida (27 electoral college votes) after the Day of At-One-Ment and try to convince their nana’s and zayde’s that a vote for Obama ain’t so bad.

The Jewish Council for Education and Research — a pro-Obama PAC — is organizing “The Great Schlep,” in which Jews will trek South over Columbus Day weekend, Oct. 10-13. They will break their Yom Kippur fasts, travel to Florida, help build sukkahs, and organize political “salons” in their grandparents’ retirement communities in support of Obama.

Mik Moore and Ari Wallach are two of the leaders of the PAC(k).. vroom vroom. Mik worked for the Jewish Funds for Justice as the Chief Communications Officer. Mik, studied at Hebrew University and has a JD from Georgetown Law. Ari, a Berkeley grad, is on leave from studioBenZion (sBZ) and is the son of the late Raul Wallach, a Polish-born partisan with the Jewish underground in WW2, who was hailed by Sen. Henry Reid as “a national treasure.” Some talking points on the Great Schlep are: (1) Obama went to Columbia and Harvard and was head of Law Review; (2) Obama is not a Muslim; and (3) The Rev. Jesse Jackson is not keen on him. Maybe they should mention that Obama’s wife doesn’t buy retail?


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