Meet the Next Mayor of Jerusalem?

Maybe. We’ll see. But for those of you who are residents of Jerusalem, Jewlicious, along with Jerusalemite.net and Tachlis.org are bringing you the opportunity to have some intimate time with Nir Barkat – Jerusalem Mayoral candidate in the upcoming municipal elections (November 11th). The polls have Barkat ahead in a field that includes Rabbi Meir Porush (the dude that made little dancing girls wear burqas at the opening of Jerusalem’s new light rail bridge) and former Shas leader Aryeh Deri (who was told today by the Jerusalem District Court that he can’t run for Mayor because less than 7 years had passed since he was tried and convicted of accepting bribes, fraud and breach of faith and receiving something by deceit in aggravated circumstances). Yeah.

Anyhow, since we here at Jewlicious love Jerusalem so much, we want those of our readers who are Jerusalem residents to make as informed a decision as possible regarding the upcoming election. That’s why, along with our friends at Jerusalemite.net and Tachlis.org, we helped organize this event. Nir Barakat will give a brief speech, then answer questions and yes… light refreshments will be served.

So this Sunday, October 5th at 7 pm, come on down to Yehoshua Bin Nun 23 in the German colony. See what this Nir Barkat fellow is all about. I’ll bring Arak and raise a toast to the totally pathetic campaign run by my boys in Shas. Seriously. A convicted felon?? I would have made a better mayoral candidate.

Update: Rabbi Porush now has a semi-functioning Web site. It’s a one pager with a video and now his creepy cartoon character persona is waving! Sometimes I hate Flash…

… and I hate dancing children! —>

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