A Candle is Lit – Rinat Gutman, Jerusalem

Rinat who? I’m sure you’ll hear more about this talented Ortho-rapper from Jerusalem in the future. For now, she’s busting her butt doing gigs in Jerusalem every chance she has. This video clip was taken last night at the Katzeh, a Jerusalem bar/live music venue where Rinat performed to a diverse and enthusiastic crowd. The song is called “Ner Doleck” and the message is that as long as the candle remains lit, ie as long as one remains alive, any problem can be fixed or surmounted. This optimistic song of hope is particularly appropriate for Hanukkah and so, here we go! If you’re in Jerusalem, Rinat’s next gig is on Dec. 25th at Yankees Pub in Jerusalem’s Nachalat Shiva neighborhood (off Yoel Salomon) where there will be a special Hanukkah show featuring sufganiyot (doughnuts), candle lighting and the song stylings of Rinat Guttman. Anyhow, enjoy the (very poorly shot, sorry…) video. Those of you who understand Hebrew will enjoy the lyrics, the rest of you can simply stand in awe of her raw talent…

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