German Club Scene meets Jewlicious Festival

Jewdyssee, a German music project integrating traditional Yiddish music (aka Yiddishe Mama) into club beats, is will be taking the stage at Jewlicious Festival. Before their departure to the US I had a chance to interview them about their music.

Here is what they had to say about why they rock.

Your music fills a niche not only in Germany, but internationally, as this genre of traditional Yiddish music with club is pretty innovative. How do you hope your audience will react from listening to your music?

We want the people to leave our performance completely sweating, emotionally uplifted, excited and exhilarated after dancing all night long! If, as well as loving the music, having been exposed to something they have never heard before and it has raised their curiosity as to what the songs were about, then this would be a great sense of accomplishment.

“Jewdyssee is not about making a political or religious statement,” says Maya and Eina of the group. “We just want to show that our culture not only has a tragic history, but that there is a great wealth of music and culture to be celebrated and that this culture is a current part of our lives that we want to express and share.

We just want people to see that our Jewish culture is alive and strong. By giving the youth a voice, by bringing this music to new people, it is going to keep it alive.

Jewdysee will be playing the late slot at Jewlicious Festival’s Main Concert Stage, Saturday night, February 28th, 2009. For tickets and information visit JewliciousFestivals.com

Read the full interview on The Jew Spot here. While you’re at it, check out the music at www.Jewdyssee.com.


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