Scott Tobin @ Presentense Jerusalem

Scott Tobin at PT Feb. 1

Scott Tobin at PT Feb. 1

We’ve held a number of successful events at the Presentense space in Jerusalem – most recently a free Photoshop for Beginners class as well as the very fun Barack, Arack and Borekas party held on US election night. But a lot more goes on there than just that of course. For instance, coming up on February 1st at 7:30 pm, you can go and hear Scott Tobin speak. Tobin is an internationally renowned Venture Capitalist who just moved to Israel because he believes the “next big thing” is going to come from here. At his talk at Presentense, he’ll be letting you know why he thinks that. Tobin is a General Partner at Battery Ventures, a VC firm that has raised and invested over $3 Billion in a number of high-profile, high tech startups. Tobin sits on a number of corporate boards, well more than me anyway, and I’m told this is a not to be missed opportunity to get an insider’s perspective on Israeli tech and the state of the current market.

So if you’re in Jerusalem… visit the Presentense Events Section for more info and address. How do you get there? From downtown go to Emek Refaim street and go yashar yasha kim’at ad ha soff…. OK no seriously, look it up. If you can’t find the address then really, you won’t understand the lecture… Also as an added bonus, if you do find the address you’ll please note that the PresenTense space is a veritable hub of activity. You can go there and chill whilst out and about on the oh so cool Emek Refaim strip. They have free coffee and wifi and bean chairs and Ariel Beery and Aharon Horwitz running around! It’s fun! It’s frolicsome! Just go check it out…

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