This is Not a Hamantaschen….

My alma mater, dear old Haman High...

My alma mater, dear old Haman High...

This is what I learned in elementary school… Ceci n’est pas une hamantaschen, mon haverim…

Yes, there are those who will try to say that Esther is Ishtar or Astar, and that Mordechai is Marduk, and so what? So what if these Book of Esther characters were assimilated into Persian culture and hid their religion. They saved their people, no matter their pedigree. And what of Haman’s pockets and ears? There are those who will tell you that a Hamantaschen is so similar to a Spring season fertility cookie: it is triangular in shape and filled with poppy seeds. But I am here to tell you, that sometimes a hamantaschen is just a hamantaschen, and not everything is hidden and symbolic, or is it?

Off on my adventure in my Haman Bus

Off on my adventure in my Haman Bus

Well, I am off on my adventure to Shushan, now, in my HAMAN bus. I have packed some poppy seed and lekvar filled “mondoo” that I will eat as I read of the king extending his sceptor to his queen.

I have wished my hosts a hearty kamsahamneeda, and shall wish you all a “HAPPY PURIM.”


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