Facebook Haggadah

After a slew of musical Matzah shorts on YouTube, a clever viral haggadah is online and making some serious rounds. The Haggadah promotes Yes We Conserve, a Facebook App which may benefit from the great satire.Telling the story of Passover on a Facebook Wall – a very clever Passover story – click here to read the whole thing.

Joseph is going to Egypt.

Joseph and Pharaoh are now friends.

Elijah is a bit tipsy, but off to a good start. 30,000 households down, and it’s only 6:30!

Tip of the Seder Plate to Rabbi Ybocher

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  1. David

    4/5/2009 at 6:51 am

    A unique haggadah for Passover: the papercut haggadah by Archie Granot.

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