Do You Like Op-Art Vases?

I, for one, love them, so I was delighted to come across the textured porcelain vases and vessels and porcelain jewellery by Israeli designer Ady Shapira.

Aren’t these gorgeous?

From Ady’s profile on Etsy:

The moment I sat in front of a potter’s wheel, I knew that ceramics is my way. I studied ceramic design at “The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design” in Jerusalem, where I first worked with porcelain, my favorite and most beloved material.
During school I opened my own studio that specializes in the designing and making lighting objects from porcelain.

Take a look at her other items on Etsy, too. They are amazing. So are the prices, so grab yourself a handmade piece of designer home accessories or jewellery now. My prediction is that the going-rates for Ady’s artwork will skyrocket once she’s received more public attention.


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