¡Felíz Año Neuvo y Felíz Sukkot!

The upcoming Esencia de Judaismo/Essence of Judaism Sukkot Celebration embodies the essence of the biblical phrase, “Sukkat Shalom/Tabernacle of Peace.”

A project of the American Jewish Committee, this event brings together Christian Latino leaders with rabbis who share with them the beauty and meaning of Judaism, the importance of a secure Jewish homeland in Israel and the holiday of Sukkot, which begins tonight, October 2, 2009.

Essence of Sukkot Celebration

At her website, Kabbalah Of Transformation,
Shifra Hendrie
teaches, “As we move our lives into the Sukkah, we are doing far more than fulfilling a commandment or commemorating the past. On some essential level we are living the future. We are embracing our Creator and our destiny. And G-d, as we sit within the fragile walls of the house with no roof, is embracing us.”

At events like this, this experience, which might otherwise be described as ephemeral, finally translates into something palpable…

Learn more about the AJC’s Third Annual Essence of Judaism Sukkot Celebration, slated for October 8, 2009, at Sinai Temple in Los Angeles at www.ajclosangeles.org. Or contact Randy Brown at (310) 282-8080 or brownr (at) ajc (dot) org.


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