Calling London

Confession #1: I’m blogging this post almost two days later than I’d promised CK to.

Confession #2: I’ve got a weak spot for British auditioning shows. The contestants seem either more talented or more entertaining than anywhere else.

On this year’s “The X-factor”, Stacey Solomon has made it to the finals. Stacey’s a 20-year-old single mum from Essex. Our research department has confirmed that she, indeed, is a Jewess, and that the spelling “Soloman” of her last name is, indeed, a typo.

As I was watching Stacey’s audition on YouTube the other day, I was amazed by how adorable Stacey is and not at at all like her JAPpy peers in that she pairs real talent – she even managed to make a Coldplay song sound good on the last show – with a heart-warming, shy cuteness.

Here’s the clip of Stacey’s audition:

Here’s Stacey’s fan page

The finals are aired on live TV at ITV next weekend.

Best of luck to Stacey from your newly found fan on Jewlicious!

Update: Commenter Matthew has brought to our attention that Stacey’s brother has put together a new, official website for his sister.


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