How do you like your bagels? Not like this I bet…


If froylein can write a post about Iceland that has nothing to do with anything Jewish then so can I! Well, bagels are Jewish but these bagel head guys are not deformed – this is merely the latest Japanese body modification trend.

“The look is accomplished through the use of a saline solution drip, which is injected at your local tattoo/piercing shop by a professional piercer. The injection causes massive swelling, which can then be molded and pressed into the shape of your choosing… Naturally, the Japanese chose the logical shape of a bagel… Thankfully, the bagels only last for one night before your body gobbles up the saline solution and your skin returns to normal. Still, possible side effects include headache, infection, stretched skin, the inability to wear a hat and getting laughed at by everyone who looks at you.”

Trendsters in Tokyo and Osaka also inject saline into their butts and boobs! For more pics and details regarding this bizarre, made in Canada trend check out this article in the aptly named Bizarre Magazine.

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