Soulico: Exotic on the Speaker ft. Hummus – In stores now!

Soulico‘s latest album, Exotic on the Speaker is available for purchase starting today. It features collaborations with some amazing Israeli and international artists like Ghostface Killah, Lyrics Born, Onili, Rebel Sun (from Coolooloosh) and more. This isn’t me doing JDub Records a favor. Sure they advertise on Jewlicious every once in a while. I’m also not posting this just because Soulico performed at the Jewlicious Festival a few years back. No. I’m posting this because ever since JDub sent me the mp3s of this album, I can’t stop listening to it. Soulico objectively kicks ass-they have outdone themselves. But don’t take my word for it. Support these deserving Israeli artists and buy Exotic on the Speaker. Then you can tell me I’m full of shit. Go ahead. I’m not going anywhere.

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