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A Portrait of Two Warriors: Nadine and Kevin

A Portrait of Two Warriors: Nadine and Kevin

Well today was an interesting day! I have these dear friends, two sisters called Sarah and Leia, whose uncle aunt and cousin came to visit from Fresno. I had Shabbat meals with all of them and they were so cute that I decided to spend Sunday with them walking through the old city. Because it was the Feast of Eid Al Adha, the temple Mount was closed so I got the Fresno boys to don teffilin at the Kotel instead. We went to the roof of the Austrian Hospice to snap some scenic pics and then we walked by the Muslim Quarter where a young burqa wearing woman practically passed out in my arms. We put her on a chair and got her some water Рmust have been all the excitement. I was glad she was going to be ok and that no one stabbed me for laying my hands on a Muslim maiden. Afterward we headed off to the Jewish Quarter again for lunch and the stunning view from the Quarter Caf̩. There we met Mark and his family from Los Angeles. Mark runs a consultancy and his assistant Weronicka is a dear friend. Mark was there with his wife, 8-year old daughter and his Mother in Law Nadine.

Nadine, an Upper East Side New Yorker, had fought with the Hagana in 1948 and hadn’t been back to Israel since 1949. She was a bit stunned at how much the country had changed, noting “I cannot believe this was the country I fought in.” She regaled us with her war stories as we pitied Mark – Imagine having a mother in law capable of assembling, disassembling and firing a Sten gun? We introduced her to Kevin, Sara and Leia’s cousin, who recently made Aliyah and was set to be drafted into the IDF in late December. Kevin is always a hoot and Nadine was a doll and lunch ended up being great fun – see them smiling in the photo above? Granted it was a very touristy day – but walla! This is why we live here. Nice people, great stories, beautiful views. Y’all come back here more often please!

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  1. Leia

    11/30/2009 at 6:54 am

    yay a lovely day it was…and now little kev is famous…CK you are the best tour guide ever.

  2. Uncle Michael

    11/30/2009 at 3:42 pm

    Wow, Would have loved this tour of the old city, with this wonderful group of friends and family. I love you all.

  3. Sarah

    12/1/2009 at 11:42 am

    ok, so i am throwing a party for ck at the local pink berry rip off on emek. Space is limited to 25 persons, so don’t wait to let me know you are coming.

  4. Oyster

    12/9/2009 at 10:33 am

    You always have that effect on women, ck. Then again, we can’t be too sure if it was a woman or not… Hey, that’s kind of like SF.

  5. ck

    12/9/2009 at 12:36 pm

    Oyster!!!!! Walla – he’s back! Dude we missed you. Mazal tov on getting married and all that. Otherwise, I am TOTALLY ignoring your comment.


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