And the 100 Most Followed Twitter Users are…

With the recent revelation that Barack does not do his own Twitters, I was wondering who are the top followed folks in Twitterland. Notice that Twitter itself doesn’t have top position. No Jews in the Top Ten. Could this even happen? This list is as of today – you can see all 100 top Twitters Found them here:

1 aplusk 4,025,573
2 britneyspears 3,847,812
3 TheEllenShow 3,802,272
4 cnnbrk 2,809,719
5 BarackObama 2,734,246
6 twitter 2,685,070
7 Oprah 2,667,284
8 johncmayer 2,665,558
9 RyanSeacrest 2,644,465
10 KimKardashian 2,630,590

Last in the Top 100
100 NickCannon 1,383,278

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  1. Joshua

    11/29/2009 at 4:12 pm

    Uh, that revelation should go under the category of “if you really believed he did his own, you need your head examined”. I don’t think Bibi or, for that matter, Matisyahu do their own Twitters either.

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