IDF Intercepts 500 Tons of Iranian Weapons Bound for Hezballah

Wow. From whatever shithole bunker, buried deep in the ground, he’s hiding in, Hassan Nasrallah is not going to be happy today. Israel captured the Francop, an Antigua registered cargo ship on it’s way to Syria with a special cargo of 36 containers, weighing in at 500 tons, on it’s way to Hezballah in South Lebanon. Once inside the containers, the IDF found 106 mm rockets, 107 mm rockets, 122 mm rockets, mortar shells and hand grenades. These munitions, hidden in polyurethane, were surely destined to be used against civilians in Northern Israel and represent a violation of UN General Assembly Resolutions 1747 and 1701. Just to put it into context, remember the Karine-A? Another boat full of Iranian supplied weapons captured by the Israelis before terrorists could get their hands on it? That was a big deal back in 2002, right? The Francop had 10 times more weapons. In fact, the Israelis are still opening up the containers!

The crazy thing is, this is just one they caught. The IDF really has no way of knowing how many weapons have gotten through. Shit.

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