1 Million Drops: Israel Charity Initiative

Israel Charity Initiative??

milliondropsDoesn’t sound very sexy does it? But it so is! 1 Million Drops is a kind of Web 2.0 Micro giving charitable project that is modest in its scope but revolutionary in its implementation. Seriously.

OK allow me to explain. The 1 Million Drops thing is a Chanukah-centric campaign put together by IsraelGives that allows people to make small or large donations to a group of over 275 participating Israeli non-profits. Donors can choose to pool their donations and have them distributed equally or they can specify who they want the donation to go to. Furthermore, donations are tax deductible in the US, Canada and the UK. See, in the past it was next to impossible to make donations to Israeli non-profits via credit card or over the Internet. The tax deductible status of these donations was also often in question. Now smaller Israeli non-profits doing awesome work but lacking a significant overseas visibility can benefit from easy overseas donations – and believe me, no donation is too small!

1 Million Drops hopes to raise a modest $250,000 but more importantly, it hopes to raise awareness of the work done by IsraelGives in encouraging broader micro-level donations to Israeli non-profit organizations. So please by all means, spare a few shekels and visit the 1 Million Drops site to find out more!

Seriously. It’s just a few bucks. Do it now.

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