Ahmed & Salim – How the Terrorist Stole Christmas

Is this Politically Correct?

How politically incorrect can the Israeli cartoonists behind Ahmed and Salim get? Not so much – in this holiday video, their targets are terrorists, who in the pantheon of political correctness rank just above straight white men in terms of acceptable subjects of off color humor. Count all the pop culture references they managed to cram into a 4 minute video, from Peanuts to It’s a Wonderful Life. Sigh. Life was so much simpler before the Internet when Israel had just one TV channel…

If you liked Ahmed and Salim’s holiday video, you’ll also like this one where they take the piss out of Israel’s obsession with really bad reality TV shows – and we all know that taking the piss out of Israelis, not Jews (“figdy Ibrahim Foxmaniyeh!!”) but Israelis is perfectly acceptable to the PC police.

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