From Date to Mate: Webisode 2

OK, so Shalom TV’s online series, depicting the lives of Jewish singles is NOT The West Wing. But my friend S_, a single, Jewess in New York did describe it as “spot on!” So at least in that respect it satisfies our voyeuristic urges while still being kind of entertaining. So far the makers have thrown in interesting plot twists in every episode and I continue to be amazed by the fact that I find myself entertained! Good job Shalom TV and good job JMatch!

In this episode, after humiliating himself with his ex, Justin goes out for a night on the town where he presumably hooks up with a woman of the non-mosaic persuasion (uh oh!). After not hearing from Jason for 5 days, Sarah goes on a date with Daniel the finance guy and has a great time. Brett meets Jason’s ex Paige and becomes intrigued by Jason. Oh and Sarah is confused because after her great date with Daniel, she listened to her voice mail and realizes that Jason did call! What to do what to Jew! I know, I know, pure frommage. But I am diggin’ it!

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