People of the Books Chanukah Contest Giveaway!

You should by now be aware that for the most part, when we have a “contest”, we don’t make you jump through hoops, write soul searching essays, mine your email addresses so that later we can send you unwanted emails etc. etc. No. We make it simple. Easy. Just send us an email and tell us what you want. Like that awesome Gods Of Fire Hanukkah Heavy Metal contest. Just send an email to heavymetal@jewlicious.com and you might win one of three awesome holiday CDs.

Well… we’re doing it again! Thanks to the fine folks at the Hachette Book Group, we have three sets of 5 Jewy books to give away in celebration of Chanukah! (No seriously, I have no idea how to spell ×—Ö²× Ö»×›Ö¸Ö¼×” in English)


Three lucky winners will receive the following books:

1. Start-up Nation By Dan Senor , Saul Singer
2. The Monuments Men By Robert M. Edsel , Bret Witter
3. Sex, Drugs & Gefilte Fish By Shana Liebman
4. The Woman Who Named God By Charlotte Gordon
5. A Lucky Child By Thomas Buergenthal , Elie Wiesel

That should help make the winter pass nicely, no? So what do you have to do to win these books? You guessed it – simply send an email to books@jewlicious.com. That’s it. You want to leave me a message? Great! Wish us a Happy Hanuka? Why not! But if you just want to send us a blank email, that’s good too. We know you’re busy buying latkes and menorahs and all that. We don’t want to keep you or anything.

Winners will be announced/informed on the last night of Chanuka! Sadly the contest is limited to residents of the United States and Canada. Happy reading.

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