A Mild Mannered Shushan Boy… and a Lady

shushanPurim falls just a week after the Jewlicious Festival in California, and skits are already in preparation worldwide. One of the energetic Purim script teams resides at The Shushan Channel.

ladygraga1Their writers include: Jay Dyckman (mscweeneys.net); Robin Epstein (Advanced Sitcom Writing, NYU); Rob Kutner (The Daily Show with Jon Stewart); Joel Levinson (songleader); Stephen Levinson (Supermasterpiece.com); Adam Mark (Jewtopia); Michael Rotman (Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher); Jacob Sager Weinstein (Dennis Miller Live); and Sheryl Zohn (Best Week Ever).

What do they in store for New Yorkers in 2010? Will Vashti be a blue avatar? Will the script be a parody of Jew-no (Juno)? The Amazing Shlep (Race)? The O’Royally Factor? Inglorious Esthers? A Deleterious Man? Up In The Prayer? The Haman Locker?

No. It is LADY GRAGA. Yes. Lady Gaga, America’s favorite pseudo-transexual pop singer, will be the caricature through which the Purim Shpiel is told. Be There or be solitaire

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