Finkelstein: The Facts

I was considering calling this post “Finkelstein is an A-hole”, but a very wise person swayed my judgement. We don’t need to name call to win an argument, however fun it may be.

Having said that, I wanted to share with you research done by StandWithUs, an amazing Israel education & advocacy org (disclosure: my former employer), on good ol’ Norm. We’ve seen him on so many campuses, and heard his boring voice drone on for hours … mainly so we could compile this information for you.
It is important that all of you familiarize yourself with his claims, statements, and why they’re so asinine and backwards.

The following research can be found on Stand4Facts.org (a StandWithUs site):

25 Questions to ask Norman Finkelstein
Finkelstein’s strategies
Finkelstein’s bio

Informational (Printable) Flyers on Norman Finkelstein: (I recommend printing these out and handing them out if he ever speaks on your campus)

fink_flyer_1 fink_flyer_2 fink_flyer_3 fink_flyer_4

Use this info well. There’s no telling when the Fink may show up on your campus.


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