Thank you Norman Finkelstein!

Thanks for helping undermine the BDS movement!

Undermining the BDS Movement is Awesome!

Undermining the BDS Movement is Awesome!

As you all know, I’ve caught a bit of flack for running an ad for Norman Finkelstein’s new book. Finkelstein is one of the most noxious anti-Israel voices out there, beloved of supporters of terror and a nasty piece of work in general. Today, running that ad has paid off!

Today I took the $93.75 that Finkelstein’s publishers paid Jewlicious for the ad and used it to buy a case of Tishbi Estates wine, which I am distributing to needy families in Jerusalem. Now according to the Web site of the Global Divestment Movement, a movement supported by Finkelstein and dedicated to promoting and enforcing boycotts, divestment and sanctions against Israel, Tishbi Estate Winery is on the list of products that stupid activists have to avoid buying whilst shopping lest they inadvertently support those awful Zionists and the atrocities they perpetrate on a daily basis. As I walked home, trying in vain to avoid the pools of Palestinian blood that plague the streets of Apartheid Israel, I couldn’t help but smile knowing that Finkelstein was complicit in genocide, and complicit in the fine, fine Passover wine that will grace the tables of needy Zionist families.

Not only has Finkelstein helped Save Passover, he has also helped save Zionism! If you’d like to help do the same thing, let me know! I plan on matching Finkelstein’s donation and buying a case of Barkan Cellars wine to distribute along with the Matza etc. that we’re buying. So, step one, make a donation of any size:

Then just email me and let me know that you want the money to be used specifically to purchase Kosher for Passover products on the BDS list! Let’s do it! And make sure to thank Norman Finkelstein during your seder!

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