The Festival of Freedom

There are many who note that while we are free, there are those who are enslaved. There are slaves in the Sudan, Southeast Asia, and other places throughout the world. Lacking in specifics, I will leave such discussions to others more qualified than I. (Although, I do recommend getting involved with the many NGOs who work to eradicate such practices). I will, however, take this opportunity to discuss something that effects us, the Jewish people and those who support them.

According to an article in the Jerusalem Post, stones were thrown twice during a seder at a Chabad house in Budapest. The police, according to the article, did very little, and did not seem to take the situation seriously. On a night when we commemorate our freedom from oppression, there are those who wished to scare this Jewish community with this anti-Semitic act. We ought to remember that fear, too, is a form of oppression; when we give in to fear and dread, we lose our ability to think clearly and reasonably. We ought to applaud those individuals who continued with their seders, as they made a statement, simply by continuing in their religious ceremony, that despite the acts directed against them, and despite the memories that such events, no doubt, evoke, we, as the Jewish people, will not give in to fear, and will not be oppressed.

Chag Herut Sameach!

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