Dear Danielle

Dear Danielle,

I joined an organized sports team and met a great guy. We flirted the entire game, he bought me drinks and then he walked me home….50 blocks! Not only is he smart, cute, charming, genuine, and funny, he is also not Jewish (“NJ”). I grew up in a modern orthodox home and have always dated guys with the same background, although I am less observant then I used to be. As I get older, I find it hard to meet guys with the qualities described above. I’ve gone out with a “NJ” twice since we met and realize how sincere and sweet he is more each time -but deep down I know I can’t be with him. I definitely don’t know him well yet, but I find it hard to just stop seeing him because of religion. It may eventually sizzle since being Jewish is so important to me and I value my religion and want to be a part of a Jewish community when I’m married…but for now, I really like him. What to do????


“Is he a catch or should I let go?”

Dear “Is he a catch or should I let go?”

Let go. It will only get harder the more you get attached to him. Unless he tells you he has an interest in a serious commitment AND an interest in learning about Judaism/ possibly converting, then don’t put yourself in a situation where you will fall hard for someone and later be disappointed. He might be cute, smart and funny but common background and family/community life are essential to a long term successful relationship. Go join a Jewish sports team.

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